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03 February 2015 @ 01:58 am
[blog] sort of a pimp post. /shot  
i have recently delved into a local fandom. namely JaDine... and now I've made a comm. lols.

to quickly explain, i'll just compare the idol culture here in the philippines with idol cultures from japan and south korea:

South Korea: I wanna watch you because you're talented and pretty and funny and just perfect, and I want to be just like you. Can I date you?
Japan: I wanna watch you grow up and become better and better, because it tells me I can also be better. And seeing your growth just makes me so proud of you~ ;w; Can I take you home?

Philippines: I wanna watch you fall in love because I also want a love like that. When are you getting married, anyway????

I think that's how it is anyway. so what I'm saying is, basically Philippines is a shipper country. idols are love teams. if you have enough chemistry, even if you're not that good-looking or you're not very talented, you'll still be very famous. it's been like that here since forever. the thing about idol culture here is that, unlike other countries (not necessarily just Japan and Korea), Filipinos really want their idols to fall in love, as in for real. they are praying that this or that love team would be together (if they aren't already, often than not they do get together, but most of them breakup eventually), and/or eventually marry.

there are lots of new love teams this year though, and JaDine (James Reid x Nadine Lustre) is one of them.

Anyway (i'm getting off-topic, lols.), i'm not actually one to ship--as in ship YamaSh/OhgoJima/RyuuNon-"it's totally your choice, but you should be together"-style-- local love teams because sometimes i just think some are not very sincere or some are just too overrated.

But JaDine... JaDine just got to me. i can't really pinpoint what exactly i like about them. but watching them together just makes me happy. lols. and other than their great chemistry, they also have so much more to offer. and it's funny because, the love team was like just a coincidence. I think this is how it happened (do correct me if i'm wrong)

James Reid is a winner in a reality show and he's already very famous. He has a very nice voice and after he asked his agency, he got his first album. And for his first music video, it just sorta happened that Nadine Lustre (from the same agency) was the one chosen as his leading lady for the music video (i'll post the video link below. ^_^)

Nadine Lustre had been active in the entertainment industry since she was little, but it was sort of like just a hobby for her. She became part of a girl group, was cast in some TV shows and movies, but still she was just having fun. she didn't think it was work, to be an actress.

And then Denny happened.

Denny is a Wattpad author, and her story, Diary ng Panget (Diary of the Ugly) became so popular, and she was able to publish it and soon after, there was an offer for it to be turned into a movie. From what I read before (couldn't remember where, sorry) Denny had incidentally met Nadine, and personally her to play her main character, and with their music video as the foundation (I think) James got the leading male part.

It was funny since the four main characters (JaDine + Yassi Pressman and André Paras) were first-timers in starring roles and they weren't very well known. But DNP became a blockbuster right after premiere, I think (all thanks to Denny's wonderful story, of course) and the JaDine fandom has risen.

And then everything was history.

They just ooze with chemistry. LOOK:

And as I said, they're the full package. right after Diary ng Panget, they were offered the roles of another book-turned-movie, Talk Back and You're Dead. both movies were a success.

they've already have their third movie, Para Sa Hopeless Romantic (For the Hopless Romantic), yet to be released, and they're already signed up for the sequel of Talk Back. and i almost forgot, they also have their TV mini-series as well:

(incidentally, they filmed most of the scenes of this series in my high school. lol)

and their own reality show, #JaDine

Both James and Nadine are great singers too, and they now each have their own albums. and they have, til now, 3 duets. I'll just post a photo/gif with the link of the videos, so this post wouldn't be too heavy. XD

first work together, James' first music video for the song "Alam Ba Niya"

"Paligoy-paligoy" by Nadine; this is part of DNP (Diary ng Panget)'s OST (no James here)


"Natataranta Na" by James, also part of DNP's OST (Nadine is in there XD)

"No Erase" by JaDine (their first duet), the theme song of DNP (video includes scenes from the movie)

"Paraparaan" by Nadine, part of the OST of their second movie, TBYD (James is here)

"Bahala Na" by JaDine, the theme song for TBYD (as is the first one, scenes from the movie are included here)

"Mr. Antipatiko" by Nadine, her third music video. and yes, James is in here.

"Huwag Ka Nang Humirit" by James, his third, but no, Nadine isn't here. (so all in all, they each have one music video where the other is not present)

"Hanap-hanap" by JaDine, their third duet. no official video uploaded yet. ^_^

actually a commercial, but they sang a duet here as well :)

(that's a legit post from James' IG, btw. XD)
"Hush" actually by their close friend, Yassi, but it features Nadine. :)

while i'm at it, i'm gonna post Yassi's other video as well, "Di Ko Alam", which is also a song for DNP

(i ship them too, btw. they're called YaNdré XD)

JaDine gifspam :))))

(gifs not mine. credits to the makers. i got them all from tumblr. /whacked)

i discovered that most of JaDine fans are fans of Kpop/Hollywood/Jpop and only ever delved in local fandoms because of JaDine (like me) so that's the reason it's, well, 'warm' in this fandom. anyway, finally Philippines can say they really have idols, like in other countries--i mean, idols who are really good at being idols, being all-around--singing, dancing, acting, modelling, giving fanservice. and i hope that this--they would sort of reset the standards of Filipino idols. my own opinion but i think that's the reason why Kpop, Jpop, Hollywood fans are attracted to them. they are really talented at all they do, not just one aspect of being a 'love team' and they really work hard at their job and to improve even better. plus they really love and are grateful to their fans. they're very humble. they weren't famous just because they're from a famous family or because they're simply good-looking (although they are). they're famous because they are really hardworking and talented.