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12 February 2016 @ 11:17 am
The Story of ClEah  
Okay, I feel like I have to defend Clark and Leah. I know I said dapat kita na kagad sa mismong serye and kita naman na e. Kaso sobrang subtle kasi and kaylangan mo talaga alalahanin lahat para magets mo yung characters. I don't know if my interpretation is right pero I think eto yung gusto ipakita ng writers. There are many loopholes, pero sabi nga ni James, just take it as it is. This is a new kind of serye, bagong style and as it is a first, tanggapin na lang natin na parang trial and error. Hindi talaga 'to magiging perfect. And for you to enjoy the show, you have to pretend na lang to forget some details.

So we'll start from the beginning, here goes:

So sa umpisa we meet Leah- a family oriented girl, a dreamer, a very positive person. Dream niya makapunta sa US because of her Nanang. We were introduced to Jigs-her boyfriend then and then pinakita yung conflict of interest nila. Jigs made Leah choose between him or her dreams, and Leah chose her dreams. This case is very different sa case ni Leah and Clark ngayon, altho for Leah, baka iniisip niya na it's the same. Sa case ni Jigs, he's making her choose solely because he doesn't want her to go to US without him. It was Jigs just being selfish. And inemphasized eto nung sinabi na matagal nang ganun si Jigs, and matagal na silang hiwalay-balikan ni Leah. So Leah choosing her dreams over Jigs (because he made her choose) is the choice anyone in her place would take.

Okay fastforward to SanFo. Because of circumatances, she was forced to marry Clark- Jigs' cousin na maramin hang-ups sa buhay--rejected by dad, orphaned, abused, had to survive alone not to mention fend for his siblings back in the Phil--basically a broken boy. Because of their arrangements, they were forced to get to know each other and they eventually fell in love. Come their first hurdle in the relationship: Love Vs. What is right/wrong. Both of them were hesitating on acting on their feelings kasi each of them had made a promise to Tita Jack and Jigs. In the end they chose love. Their second hurdle is still connected sa first: Love Vs. Family (Clark's). This time, gusto nang bumitaw ni Clark but Leah wanted to fight for their love, and because of that, si Clark din ang pinili na ay Love instead of family.

And now enters Nanang. The truth was revealed, and it left Leah broken. Wala na yung dreamer and positive na girl, wala na yung pangarap niya. Her hurdle was Love Vs. Self. You have to be whole to love entirely, but she was broken. And everything she sees in SanFo continues to break her. So she chose Self and went to the Phil. Clark tried to keep away from her but couldn't help but follow her because "he can't live without her." This shows how depended Clark has become on Leah--which I guess is how it is for people very much in love, and because of his past. He had said "he found a better love in Leah" kaya he can move on from his father's rejection na dala-dala na niya since his forming years. I don't know if that's a good thing. We have similar experience kasi on the dad aspect. For me naman, I was able to move on because of my mom. Because she loves me to the moon and back and she's always been by my side to help me in each stages of my life. She helped me find myself and be happy with who I am. I don't know if that's the same with Leah and Clark. Nung nasa SanFo kita yung support ni Leah kay Clark, pero pagdating kasi dito sa Phil baliktad na sila. And I don't know if enough na yung sa SanFo nila for Clark to find himself. Everything he did since the start is either for his family or for Leah. And from experience--you have to be selfish muna to find yourself. I mean you really have to do stuff for yourself, prioritize yourself. And when I was like that, my mom was supporting me. Kaya ako nakamove on. Phase lang naman yung pagiging selfish, para lang talaga mahanap mo yung sarili mo.

So sa Phil, they met again when Leah was still trying to find herself/fixing herself. And she wasn't happy because she knew she wasn't ready for Clark. But Clark was persistent, and continued to pursue her until "naubos" na siya. He had given her all he had thinking kaylangan niya patunayan kay Leah na mahal nga niya si Leah. Pero hindi yun yung kaylangan ni Leah, ang kaylangan ni Leah is to fix herself. It was never an issue of what Clark could give. It was actually an issue of what Leah cannot give. So, Clark couldn't wait anymore so he gave Leah an ultimatum. As Leah do love him and doesn't want him to be gone from her life, she was forced to choose him and let him in her life again. So comes the other conflicts, sa family ni Clark uli--which they both fought for.

And then enters Simon. I would have to think (even if I don't want to) that Simon is a big part of Leah's new dreams. Nasira na yung kay Nanang eh, so gumawa siya ng bago. And this is her way of fixing herself. She wanted to prove something to herself and she's using this new dream to do just that. She's seeking validation through her work. She has become more focused on her dreams/work than on anything else and Clark, wanting to be a good husband did his best to be supportive. (Let's just say eto na yung selfish phase ni Leah). Pero nung nagiging successful na si Leah, she felt distant na kay Clark. All she's saying na is about work, and she keeps mentioning Simon. Then nakita ni Clark si Simon na mayaman, gwapo, successful--add that his wife admires him so much, then it's justified he became jealous and insecured. He started doubting himself, and started doubting Leah na rin even if he doesn't admit it.

This is a reflection na, at least I think, of his brokenness. Eto yung difference siguro sa case namin. You never question
a mom's love e. It's a given. And it won't just change whatever happens. Pero sa case ng mag-asawa, the foundation of love is trust. And dun nagkaissue. I think, because he's not whole, because he didn't build himself up, because all he ever did was for his family and then for Leah--never for himself, so he feels na wala pa siyang maipagmalaki, and madali siyang mainsecure. Leah's way of building herself up was the way for Clark to start questioning himself and their relationship. So naging successful pa si Leah, naneglect (unknowingly naman siguro) si Clark--having no time for him, not reassuring him, not even listening to him dahil sa sobrang focus niya sa pagbuild up ng sarili niya. And Clark palaki lang ng palaki ang insecurities. He's already fighting for their relationship by then even if hindi pa naman kaylangan. He felt threatened of Simon even if hindi naman siya actual threat because Leah doesn't see him as anything but a mentor. Kung nareassure ni Leah si Clark--if she actually listened, hindi sana magiging ganon kalaking issue si Simon. Alam ni Clark na mahal siya ni Leah, pero he can see na Leah is seeing Simon as someone ideal--not as a partner naman, pero hindi yun clear kay Clark kasi nga di naman talaga ineexplain ni Leah. And alam din ni Clark na may gusto si Simon kay Leah. He saw the possibility of Leah really going for Simon. He was already doubting himself--na enough siya, and doubting Leah--na she would be contented with him.

Dumating yung offer ng Dubai and Clark was very against it--and juatifiably so. Leah was torn for a while but ended up choosing to stay with Clark dahil "pwede din naman niya maabot pangarap niya dito. bata pa naman siya, pwede siya maghintay." But then dumating na yung kay Tatang (let's forget the loopholes). They needed big money and Tatang was the one at stake. There were options, but Leah chose Dubai. Leah shut down lahat ng options na binigay ni Clark and determinedly chose Dubai and the reason is because it's her dream. I can't blame her naman for choosing the option kung saan makakatulong na siya kay Tatang, way pa para matupad ang pangarap niya. Clark wasn't happy, but eventually accepted her decision because what he know is that it was for Tatang. Clark naman is all for supporting her dream, may issue lang kay Simon because he knows he's in love with his wife.

So LDR. And pinakita dun yung pagdrift apart nila. Leah continued to neglect Clark being "too busy" or "too tired". Next na yung kay Tatang. He had a heart transplant and bumalik temporarily si Leah sa Pilipinas without letting Clark know. She said it was so she could surprise him but I think it's because she feels guilty. Kasi she wants to extend her stay sa Dubai and didn't know how to say that to Clark because alam naman niya na Clark will be against it. Ayaw niya harapin si Clark because of that. By this time, Leah is very ambitious na. She has set her eyes on her dreams, and has basically become like her Nanang--nasilaw sa mga pangarap niya, nasilaw sa magandang buhay. I guess, nung nagkahiwalay sila ni Clark, lalong nawala si Clark sa priorities niya. Kasi di sila nagkikita, minsan lang sila makapag-usap, di na niya laging iniisip si Clark like before--which just shows how immature Leah is.

So, Leah told Clark about the next contract and they ended up fighting. Clark couldn't take that they still have to be separated when hindi na valid yung excuse ni Leah about needing money because meron na siyang alternatives. Dagdag pa yung selos niya kay Simon. Leah couldn't just give up on her dreams kasi andun na siya e. I don't think she knows na may gusto talaga si Simon sa kanya. She thinks Clark's jealousy is unfounded. So naglabasan na yung mga kinikimkim nila. Leah asked Clark to go with her in Dubai--that was very selfish of her. Siya na ngayon yung parang Jigs na ang iniisip lang is makuha both Clark and her Career. Lumabas na Leah's goal has become to chase her dreams and hindi na talaga mainly because of Tatang. Nagalit si Clark kasi for him this is proof na Leah has really chosen career/Simon over him. Tho hindi pa rin niya tinatanggap talaga yun. That was why he made her choose. He needed her to choose him. He needed that one reassurance para mawala lahat ng doubts niya na naipon na since Leah started becoming successful. But on Leah's part, she felt angry naman because Clark is making her choose. Kung hindi sila nag-aaway, Leah would have been torn, wouldn't have been able to choose. Pero out of spite of making her choose, she chose Career. Which she didn't know--made Clark question everything they had, made Clark lose hope, lose his motivation to fight for their relationship. So when Leah proposed for them to break up, hindi siya pinigilan ni Clark. Tinanggap na lang niya. Kasi pagod na rin siya since lumalaban na siya, di pa naman kaylangan ipaglaban. I think Leah was hoping na hindi hahayaan ni Clark yung breakup but he did. Ngayon si Leah naman yung nasaktan dun. And sinumbat na niya lahat ng isusumbat kay Clark because she wanted to hurt him. Clark tho, just quietly suffers. So they broke up. Clark still had his suspicions, Leah is lost. Nakita ni Leah yung picture ni Clark with Angela and she thought the worst, kasi matagal na rin siyang may insecurity and jealousy kay Angela--eto unfounded talaga. Naglasing siya, and yung scene with Simon na narinig ni Clark. So ngayon, yung longing and regret ni Clark, napalitan na ng anger. And I think based sa Abangan he will channel that anger sa work niya which will have good results. He will start building himself na (which he should have done so a long time ago). On Leah's part, she's still lost. And she's prolly going to lose more, para maabot niya yung realizations niya; para makita niya yung consequences ng choices niya.

What lead to this tho, is basically Clark's first ultimatum. Leah had told him hindi pa siya handa ibigay kay Clark yung gusto niya, pero Clark couldn't wait. He made her choose. And now we see na tama nga si Leah, di pa talaga siya handa. Sana nakapaghintay si Clark or sana hindi na lang sumugal si Leah. Na they part ways na lang muna with Clark letting go of Leah. If the separation happened then, na wala pang Simon sa picture, then hindi ganito kakumplikado. Lol. But I think the separation is indeed needed. Both of them are too immature pa. One is too insensitive, the other is too insecure.

But I just want to emphasize na both of them have valid points and both have faults. Both of them are victims of the circumstances as well. You can't put the blame on just one of them. It's the culmination of every decisions both of them had made in their relationship.