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03 February 2015 @ 03:08 am
[fansubs] Alam Ba Niya Music Video and BTS with English Hardsubs  

Alam Niya Ba? by James Reid (feat. Nadine Lustre in the video)
: : video ripped from YouTube; credits to Viva Ent : :
Size: 19.42MB
download here


Alam Niya Ba BTS

Size: 36.7MB (lol. larger than the music video itself. idk why. /shot)
download here
-just contains behind the scenes clips with the song as the background and then maybe about 3 lines from James.

JaDine likes to play with sounds. 'la la la la' doesn't mean anything. So I didn't sub those. XD
Trivia: This is their first ever work together. There still was no JaDine then. This is actually just their first meeting, and wow, the chemistry. XD When they talked about this vid in an interview, James first sentence was "She kissed me here *points to his cheeks by the top of his mouth*", guessed that left quite an impression. lols. Saying hello, then straight out kissing you. XDDD