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03 February 2025 @ 02:13 am
[sticky post] XD  

So this comm was born because of my OJD feels that led me to subbing some of their videos because I want to share them to the world because they are amazing and--anyway… Basically, this will be a site for

JaDine FanWorks.

:: Fansubs (whether soft or hard) of music videos, video clips, guestings, concerts, maybe even their series (whatever video is freely accessible on the internet).

:: Fanarts whether digital or traditional, or manips and gif sets. Be proud of your works! Show them here!

:: Fanvideos and :: Fanfictions even if they're already posted in other sites (like videos in YouTube, stories in Wattpad or your own livejournal), links can be posted here. Advertise your stories here whether it's in visual or written form!

and maybe a proper :: JaDine Pimp Post (than what I did), just to cater to any potential foreign fan (let's make this fandom Global! lols)

I think it would be good if we have somewhere  where we can see them all; we can have like a collection here.

So I'm inviting every JaDine fans who wants to share their fanworks to be a member of this comm. This comm has an open membership, so it's very easy to join.

If you're new to this fandom and is interested, please go here (kinda a pimp post).

fansubs master list here.
the videos i used are all freely accessible online and I'm not profitting from subbing them or sharing them with you, okay? i just wanna share the love. don't sue me please.

Hey guys! So, I just found out there are really LOTS of non-Filipino JaDine fans and it's just so amazing, I might cry. /shot I'm just so proud of JaDine~! And I made an IG account for this site and just overnight and all the follows, likes and comments… and all the offers to help… they just upped my motivation and love for JaDine and for this fandom. It really makes me happy I'm part of this. <3

Anyway, since this is the case (lots of non-Filipino fans) I would be dedicating my time mostly with just FanSubs and Translations (article or/and songs) now, though I would still post manips and fanvids from time to time. As much as possible, I won't be posting things that can't be understood by non-Filipinos. I'm going to dedicate this site to JaDine Globies. Everyone else is still welcome to post their fanworks, of course, but I think it would be best if they're mostly things that non-Filipino fans would understand. :)


Right now, I'm the only one posting on this site. No one has joined this comm, and I guess that's probably because Livejournal isn't that known to Filipino fans, and JaDine is not yet that popular outside the country, but I'm hoping I'll be able to make a sort of team--fansubber team so the workload can be shared and the quality of the work itself would be better, ideally. I've been in Jpop fandoms for so long, so I'm a bit familiar with fansub teams even if I only just tried subbing this month. Lols. So I'm inviting anyone who's interested, who wants to help JD-Globies, who wants to support JD through this, to join.

team usually consists of:

Of course, we need :: Video sources (in my case, I depend on YouTube and Vimeo so my works are always only low to moderate quality videos). I've already talked to two willing sources, so I'm kinda not worried about this anymore. ^^ (they would be credited, of course)

:: Translators - translates each line and then send them to the editors

:: Editors - check translation then send them to the timers

:: Timers - time each line with the video and audio; you need a subber program to do this (I use Aegisub), timers then send the softsubs to the encoders.

(for the Hardsubs:)

:: Encoders - basically you 'paste' the subs in the video; I only use VLC player for this, tutorial here. :)

:: Uploaders - someone to upload the files in a hosting website; thing is, if you're the encoder, you're going to be the uploader, too since you'd have the finished product. So an uploader should have space in their HD and a good internet connection, since they have to download the video, and encoding means making a copy of the video but with the subtitles and then uploading it once more online.

(for the Softsubs)

**I can actually skip encoding and just post the softsubs online so I wouldn't have problems with space and internet connection, but I'm kinda paranoid and I worry that if it isn't hardsubbed, the timing won't be perfect and/or the script won't be compatible with the video (kinda OC and a perfectionist). In Jpop fandoms, stealing of softsubs and claiming them as their own is also a big problem and well, these are all made with hard work and love and I would just really be sad if that happened. /whacked.

But still, we would want high quality videos, and it's not like anyone likes to need to have subs to understand a video, so regarding that, if anyone already have a video and just wants the softsubs, just message me and I will send it to you directly. I think this would lessen the chance of stealing and stuffs. :)

Right now, I do all these stuffs by myself so it's a little slow. I would be happy to at least have some translators and editors at the very least. I can do the timing and encoding, but the video would still be just standard quality. I don't have much space left in my hard disks and I can't purchase another one right (I'm broke. /shot). My internet connection is also a bit faulty (can't download/upload more than 700mb a day; if the limit is reached, it's no internet connection for the rest of the day). So basically, my resource for this project is just my love and dedication to JD. Lols.


I have made an FB page for this site because as I've said, Livejournal isn't very known to Filipinos so most wouldn't have an account here, and that would mean you couldn't join this comm or post your works even if you want to. So, you can just post/link your works or works of other JaDines that you recommend, in this page (preferably credited; as much as possible, I want everything posted here credited. Sorry, OC-ness kicking).

I will be reposting/linking them here, properly credited of course (when posting, please state how you want to be credited ^_^ --that will also be your tag), just so we can have a collection here. We can have a to-go-to place when we're in dire need of OJD. :D
You probably think the FB page is enough and I don't need to post these works in this site, really, but I just think it would be more orderly if posted here (again, that's the OC-ness talking). I can create tags for each fans who submits a fanwork. Like, if you're good in making fanvideos, I'll set a tag for you and all your works of course will have your tag. That way, it would be more quicker to find all your videos because other fans would just have to click on your tag. I'll be making my own tag, as well.

Of course, if you have a livejournal account, you can just join this comm (open membership) and you can post your works/recommendations yourself. I haven't thought of a format yet, but the most important thing is the credit/tag.

I'll probably also start posting recommended works like fanvideos and (English) fanfics. I don't know how I can credit manips/edited pictures I see online since most of them are reposts, so I will just be posting mine. Anyone can post theirs of course, and anyone can also recommend works, I just want everything properly credited. Gif sets, I'd like to post those too, or post links to tumblr at least, those are good OJD source. Gif reactions, too. ^^


(For non-Filipino fans) In the FB Page, you can also post or link articles you want to read but is written in Filipino. I'll do my best to translate them. ^_^


You can follow my IG account, I'll be posting mostly updates in the fansubs there (and probably manips).


Anyway, please, if you're interested or have any questions, don't be shy and message me (you can comment here with your FB account, not sure with direct message)! And again, if you want to share some of your fanworks (any work, and not just necessarily fansubs and translations), please join the comm or visit the FB page!
[ m.]damianic on February 17th, 2015 04:06 pm (UTC)
this comm is such a great idea! i know a lot of non-tagalog fans who wish for fansubs. having said that, i also have high quality files of pretty much all of their movies and teleseryes (so far) and i plan to accumulate all of the upcoming "on the wings of love" episodes as well. if you need a source, i wouldn't mind uploading them. for example: i have a 5GB version, 720p of their recent MMK. :) i definitely wouldn't mind sharing.

thank you for this, btw! it's nice that the fandom is expanding & sharing their love. ♥
macymacymacymacymacymacy on February 17th, 2015 06:32 pm (UTC)
you're heaven sent, omg! i really need a video source.

i'm hoping i can one day form a team with translator, timer, encoder, and uploader. because right now it's just all me. lols. and it takes a lot of time to do one clip. i would really love to use high quality videos, but i don't have much space in my hd and my internet connection is a bit faulty, so i can only manage moderate to low quality videos for now (the source is also sometimes a problem.) that's also why i'm hoping i'll find an uploader and encoder... but i'm saving all the softsubs, so if ever i form a team or i'm able to buy a new harddisk, i'll be able to use hq videos. :)

thank you. i'll message you if ever i need a video. thanks again. XD
[ m.]damianic on February 18th, 2015 01:05 am (UTC)
no problem!♥

and i think YOU are amazing for doing all of this. really! also, i know a couple other fans who were thinking of forming a subbing group for JaDine as well. i'll go around and see if they're still willing, especially when we have someone like you now. :)

speaking of MQ to LQ videos. the wansapanataym my app boyfie episodes that i have are MQ-LQ. i couldn't grab a higher quality version because i don't think it exists. i could upload it if you'd like :) i definitely wouldn't mind sharing.

thank you for all of your hard work, again. :)
macymacymacymacymacymacy on February 18th, 2015 02:08 pm (UTC)
it's just my way of supporting them ^///^

that's what i'm hoping to do! i mean, form a team. i've already posted an announcement, if ever your friends are still interested please just direct them here. thanks so much! this is really a big help! :D

i've downloaded up to episode 4 from vimeo for my app boyfie, but i think the quality is leaning more to lq, i think it would be good if you can share yours. it's probably a better quality than what i have. :DDD thanks again! ♥♥♥♥♥
jlruijlrui on February 26th, 2015 10:06 pm (UTC)
hi ate macy :p
i can help in translating, when i have a chance to get my laptop, I'll help with encoding too
macymacymacymacymacymacy on February 27th, 2015 05:23 pm (UTC)
i'm going to sub #jadine so i'll probably need help with that. xD pero pag may time ka lang ah. anyway it's easy to translate naman since they mostly speak in english. :D
pigrabbitrantspigrabbitrants on March 7th, 2015 10:39 am (UTC)
Hi! First of all thanks for the effort that you put into making all of these. And lahat yan just because you love jadine and the globies. I would like to help translating, I think I can even do timing pero for softsubs lang. I would love to do hardsubs pero masyado kasi effort yun haha. Just let me know :)
macymacymacymacymacymacy on March 9th, 2015 01:18 am (UTC)
hello! sorry for the late reply. right now ang tinatrabaho ko is yung hashtag jadine. so if gusto niyo po, uhm, pwede kayo pumili ng any part of any episode para itranslate. itatype lang po yung translation nung filipino parts sa notepad or anywhere tapos ako na bahala magtime. pag may time ka lang ha. di naman to urgent. :) if ever po, pano niyo po gusto ma-credit? gamitin ko na lang po yung 'pigrabbitrants'? :D
pigrabbitrantspigrabbitrants on March 27th, 2015 04:24 pm (UTC)
Re: ,
Hi again Macy! Wow sorry for the super late reply. I wonder how I can contact you directly & privately para di natin ma-spam tong comment section haha. I follow you on IG if that helps. Kahit anong episode lang ba ng #jadine? Mukhang meron ka na nung latest episodes, so mga first few episodes ba kelangan? By the way I talk with MAEVE EVEAM (through PinoyExchange JaDine thread) kung until now di mo pa rin sya nakakausap about using her vids, I can ask for her permission hehe.
macymacymacymacymacymacy on March 28th, 2015 06:41 am (UTC)
Re: ,
hello! sorry late din ang rep. Pwede dm dito sa lj or sa ig or if you like, add mo na lang ako sa fb. ^_^

yup. isang ep lang per week ang kinakaya ko since may class pa ko e pero starting today naman na yung bakasyon ko so makakapagmaramihan na ko. uunahin ko pa rin yung mga latest, though. for now, kahit ano muna sa previous eps. :D

and yes please. mahirap kasi magmessage sa YT idk if nakuha niya or nabasa niya yung message ko. thanks so much! :DD